Drawing the Line

Drawing the Line

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Christof Dahm / Hans-Jakob Tebarth (Hrsg.)

Drawing the Line
George Marshall – Germany’s Eastern Border and the Beginnings of the East-Western-Conflict

More than a half century has passed since Secretary of State George Marshall made the speech that launched what came to be called the Marshall Plan. The speech has often been highly praised, but Marshall’s efforts to achieve a balanced solution to territorial questions – one that considered the whole of Germany – at the Moscow and London Foreign Ministers’ Conferences of 1947 have almost been forgotten. On April 18, 1997 the German Expellees Cultural Foundation sponsored a symposium in Bonn where German and American Experts debated questions of American, British and Soviet post war policy towards Germany.

Bonn 2000, 110 Seiten, broschiert
ISBN 978-3-88557-175-7



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